😂Footballers Attempt to shoot like TIMO WERNER!😂Feat Ronaldo Messi Neymar Haaland+more(Frontmen 2.6)

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How will footballers top frontmen handle this challenge?
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0:00 Intro
0:18 Messi
0:46 Ronaldo
1:38 Suarez
3:20 Muller
3:48 Neymar
4:17 Salah
4:52 Lewandowski
5:01 Mbappe
6:00 Hazard
6:14 Haaland
6:56 Werner
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Aiden Gonzalez
Aiden Gonzalez 5 godzin temu
5:16 It’s funny for me
Charlie XG
Charlie XG 12 godzin temu
4:49 why are Hazard and Werner laughing there shite lol
Gojart Kurtulaj
Gojart Kurtulaj 18 godzin temu
Mbappe voies so funny
NorthcottGaming 12
NorthcottGaming 12 Dzień temu
fernando torres looked creepy as shit
Param Rajdeo
Param Rajdeo 2 dni temu
And now 442oons ( Aka the best football animations youtuber ever) presents his audience with another great video😂😂
Tommy Butler
Tommy Butler 2 dni temu
One Second:Messi Is Happy Luis Got 90 Next Second:Messi Complaining TWSS Is Fake
Luc Jeannerod
Luc Jeannerod 2 dni temu
Hazard should no longer be drawn over weight, he is in great shape in real life
Mert Altıparmak
Mert Altıparmak 3 dni temu
5:17 5:17 5:17 5:17 5:17 5:17
CFC-EDITS 3 dni temu
1:22 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Alex Porter
Alex Porter 3 dni temu
F for mbappe
Ridly Mirza
Ridly Mirza 3 dni temu
6:49 , luis eyes lolll 😂😂
Nicole Jakas
Nicole Jakas 4 dni temu
5:16 so funny can't stop laughing
Clare Manville
Clare Manville 5 dni temu
Video Sahota
Video Sahota 5 dni temu
Fernando Torres > werner
Remi N'depo Adje
Remi N'depo Adje 3 dni temu
Sayash Kumar Raikwar
Sayash Kumar Raikwar 5 dni temu
Pele what you doin here😂😂
M. Ihsan Nur Rahman
M. Ihsan Nur Rahman 6 dni temu
M. Ihsan Nur Rahman
M. Ihsan Nur Rahman 6 dni temu
Phabian Imbwae
Phabian Imbwae 6 dni temu
It's true lewandoski would never miss fact
Gil Osvaldo
Gil Osvaldo 6 dni temu
Amanuel Wubsera
Amanuel Wubsera 6 dni temu
I just love how salah voice is 🤩
Elizabeth Odukwe
Elizabeth Odukwe 6 dni temu
Ronaldo 100
apa saja
apa saja 7 dni temu
Foxy The Pirate Boy
Foxy The Pirate Boy 7 dni temu
Jeferson Ramírez
Jeferson Ramírez 7 dni temu
The first Time messi punched ronaldo😂
unforgetfy 7 dni temu
And pele 😂😂
unforgetfy 7 dni temu
The way Ronaldo said the not leading goal scorer about Messi😂😂😂
Shadow Slayer
Shadow Slayer 8 dni temu
Goalkeeper shaped like nipple cuz his name is areola, Dean knows some biology
Vikas Hegde
Vikas Hegde 8 dni temu
I have Werner in pes 2021. He does exactly the same....But he also has speed.
Priyanka Choudhury
Priyanka Choudhury 8 dni temu
Mary Kinsella
Mary Kinsella 9 dni temu
Ronaldo is the leading goalscorer because Pele played in the Mickey mouse league in Brazil
Mary Kinsella
Mary Kinsella 9 dni temu
Are any of ye Irish
IMDAD 9 dni temu
Chanvoi noob
Chanvoi noob 10 dni temu
Roman Reigns: Superman punch Lionel Messi: Magician punch
AnuMessi100 10 dni temu
5:32 Look at Suarez eyes
Deni Timerlanovich Tavmurzaev
Deni Timerlanovich Tavmurzaev 10 dni temu
5:16 im dead
Léo Champigny
Léo Champigny 10 dni temu
Denard Andoh-Poku
Denard Andoh-Poku 10 dni temu
Joshua Bedford
Joshua Bedford 10 dni temu
Joshua Bedford
Joshua Bedford 10 dni temu
Billy R65R56R
Billy R65R56R 10 dni temu
1:18 Werner literally roasted Ronaldo lol
The Futbolero
The Futbolero 11 dni temu
5:17 I'm just gonna leave it there
DRAYBEAST 11 dni temu
Poor Ronaldo 😂😂🤣🤣
Squigi Gaming
Squigi Gaming 12 dni temu
Neymar: it's what I do when I want to act Mancho Me:🤣🤣
Fortnite Jay07
Fortnite Jay07 12 dni temu
It doesn’t matter but couldn’t muller be 3:21
D T 12 dni temu
What's Igor Biscan got to do with scoring goals? He was like Lucas Leiva. I think you meant Josef Bican. But there's a new competitor according to Wikipedia, Erwin Helmchen.
Killian Lynch
Killian Lynch 13 dni temu
Here after Werner scored versus Newcastle United
abdallah hady
abdallah hady 13 dni temu
Who's here after werner scored against Newcastle
Lerstad Besseberg
Lerstad Besseberg 13 dni temu
Hey,can you take Goalkeepers attamtp
Mohamed Mostafa
Mohamed Mostafa 13 dni temu
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 14 dni temu
Who's here after Werner ended his goal drought against Newcastle?
Ty 888
Ty 888 13 dni temu
Joe Foster
Joe Foster 14 dni temu
TAYEM 7 14 dni temu
Next should be footballers attempts to greizmann goal vs ossasana
Makis Strouzas
Makis Strouzas 15 dni temu
Wtf did i just watch
I Am King Gamer
I Am King Gamer 15 dni temu
Mbappe was funny
Mr Big turd head
Mr Big turd head 15 dni temu
I would sell my soul for frontmen season 3
Mbo 15 dni temu
A little bit of fun is always ok. But the society in football is getting worse. I don't like this. I hope all of you will understand it soon.
Abhinav Rawat
Abhinav Rawat 15 dni temu
1:14 best fricking comeback😂😂😂😂😂 Ronaldo got roasted
TanvirEditz 15 dni temu
What an attempt from salah xd
Nguyễn Tùng
Nguyễn Tùng 16 dni temu
Wener's score is Right
joyce kelley
joyce kelley 16 dni temu
carolconn2 16 dni temu
Maybe in the next video everyone will try to punch like Messi 😎😎😎
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 17 dni temu
6:04 This one got me lmaoo
Negjdet Shala
Negjdet Shala 17 dni temu
Next ronaldo 100 point
larry elef
larry elef 18 dni temu
Next episode they try to attempt Allison's faults against manchester city
daniel ramirez
daniel ramirez 18 dni temu
wheres ibra
Tamaau Tairi
Tamaau Tairi 19 dni temu
Mbappe's one was funny
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 17 dni temu
Impossible anyone can miss a shoot like this
Joseph Gomez
Joseph Gomez 19 dni temu
A bit of flare more like vavavoom
Hener2019 19 dni temu
Like this so 442oons see this. Dont have to tho
Hener2019 19 dni temu
Werner aka the leading shot misser of all time
Miguel Jiménez
Miguel Jiménez 19 dni temu
"pretend it was a FK" got me dead
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 19 dni temu
6:04 This one got me lmaoo
Lol 19 dni temu
That pele scene is something else
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj 19 dni temu
Timo Werner is improving
foot ball video
foot ball video 19 dni temu
Messi is best
Jinx Abyss
Jinx Abyss 20 dni temu
Mbappe 😂😂😂
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 19 dni temu
Lol how
DinosaurDemon5 Mst
DinosaurDemon5 Mst 20 dni temu
I don’t like how he put Ronaldo and Messi against each other
Mohammad Farhat
Mohammad Farhat 20 dni temu
Benzema : am i a joke to u how to dare u make a goal missing challenge without putting me in 🤣🤣🤣
nandan shetty
nandan shetty 21 dzień temu
Penaldo the biggest diver of all time
Adam Ayman
Adam Ayman 21 dzień temu
LOL.... 442oons is just jealous chelsea stole him from liverpool lmaaooooo
Loukas Dimoudis
Loukas Dimoudis 21 dzień temu
Impossible anyone can miss a shoot like this
Kub98 21 dzień temu
Ronaldo is not leading goalscorer of all time!!! Google Pepi Bican!
GG Gaming
GG Gaming 21 dzień temu
The leading pie eater of all time
Sans 22 dni temu
Whoever knows the name of the music in this vid tell me , i really liked it
Malsawmtluangi Pautu
Malsawmtluangi Pautu 22 dni temu
Mason mount should goind
GHZS 22 dni temu
Yesssss that's 4 million goals
samuel god
samuel god 22 dni temu
I like how 44oons makes money cause of werners unluckines
Ahmed Amaan
Ahmed Amaan 22 dni temu
Me who thought Hazards gonna eat the keeper.
Bodegrand999 creations Yoyosofa10 my friend
Bodegrand999 creations Yoyosofa10 my friend 22 dni temu
Lol how
Kikola Moise
Kikola Moise 22 dni temu
Rovi t
Alexander Westwater
Alexander Westwater 23 dni temu
Its oppsite day now ronaldo isnt the top goal scorer of all time
Mukundan 23 dni temu
It's just disrespectful saying messi as 'leading not goal scorer of all time' instead you could have said ' aka best dribbler of all time'
soinu foig
soinu foig 24 dni temu
After Ronaldo said: "my apologies , HAZARD ", I wanted to return 10 seconds, but instead take me back to Hazard, I don't know that somebody understood me.
Ishaan Ramphul
Ishaan Ramphul 24 dni temu
Suarez aka the leading biter of all timr
Kozma Ro.
Kozma Ro. 24 dni temu
Do a video about the romanian club winning champions leauge in 1986 plz
EM Drøîd
EM Drøîd 24 dni temu
6:06 they predicted it!
soinu foig
soinu foig 24 dni temu
Areola 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wtf😭😂
Viviana Gonzales
Viviana Gonzales 24 dni temu
Fui me dijo mi mamá y
Sahil ror
Sahil ror 24 dni temu
Man ronaldo is an amazing character here
Thomas Bidwell
Thomas Bidwell 24 dni temu
Mbappe 😂👏
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 25 dni temu
Werner: Ill just look at the goal and picture that fatty pumpum Hazard: What do I have to do with this? Im dead
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 25 dni temu
I like how timo isn't even doing the f right in the intro
adam ammach
adam ammach 25 dni temu
Ronaldo aka the worst player of all time worse than lingard
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 25 dni temu
wow! super nice?
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