🏆1999 Champions League Final: The Cartoon!🏆 Manchester United vs Bayern Munich (Goals Highlights)

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Let's Football Flashback to Man Utd 2-1 FC Bayern Munchen!
Which Football Flashback do you want to see next? Comment below :-)
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
Thanks for watching! Adios!

hop in the van
hop in the van 12 godzin temu
Please do 2005 champions league final liverpool v milan
Prince Zekpele
Prince Zekpele 14 godzin temu
Vasile Cardoș
Vasile Cardoș 16 godzin temu
I hate this, it's not your fault it's mine, I'm a fucking idiot
ThePlushie GamerBros -CattyBotClan
ThePlushie GamerBros -CattyBotClan Dzień temu
Football flashback Barcelona 2-0 Man United
michel khairallah
michel khairallah Dzień temu
What is the original song called
Chris zitel
Chris zitel Dzień temu
Do miracle of Istanbul 2005 champions league final or do when Zidane got in a fight with Louis Enrique back when they were players for Barca and real madrid
Aidan Cotter
Aidan Cotter Dzień temu
Anyone who says the Liverpool vs Milan comeback is better is just deluded.
Jacqueline Picciurro
Jacqueline Picciurro 2 dni temu
They need to bring the old fan graphics cuz the new ones in this look like there is no fans
Abdi _11
Abdi _11 3 dni temu
1:35 when your the only boy and you forget to wash your clothes
Jan Đurek
Jan Đurek 3 dni temu
Man United: a treble maybe Bayern: A tvebl maybe
Sethumadhavan Gokul
Sethumadhavan Gokul 3 dni temu
Which song is this.
Chris George
Chris George 4 dni temu
@442oons please do a Football Flashback on 2012 Champions League, Chelsea v Bayern Munich
้ณัฐชนน ลิ้มสวัสดิ์ธารา
้ณัฐชนน ลิ้มสวัสดิ์ธารา 4 dni temu
Pls do Liverpool 3-3 ac millan in ucl final 2005
Otavio Alfradique Gomes Guimaraes
Otavio Alfradique Gomes Guimaraes 4 dni temu
Next flashback can be 1987 champions league final?
faizan khan
faizan khan 4 dni temu
Roy Keane Breaks Erling Braut Haalands dads leg HORROR TACKLE
Billy’s Account
Billy’s Account 4 dni temu
Has anyone seen a comment get disliked at all on all of PLpost?
Mr. Emi
Mr. Emi 4 dni temu
R.I.P Bayern fans.
Όλγα Τζίδρα
Όλγα Τζίδρα 5 dni temu
Do Zidane's volley vs Bayer Leverkusen in 2002 plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Koerdo 5 dni temu
Origanal song?
The futbol boy
The futbol boy 5 dni temu
chelsea v bayern 2012
Bit Frost
Bit Frost 5 dni temu
One of the best 442oons ever made !.
Neelam Iqbal
Neelam Iqbal 6 dni temu
Roy Keane breaks haalands dads leg
Ibrahim Jama
Ibrahim Jama 6 dni temu
Soo 442oons predocted the future yet again roy keane i will afing halanger
Παρασκευάς 7 dni temu
Name of the song?
Aguero Zlatan
Aguero Zlatan 7 dni temu
Plz do Liverpool vs Milan 2005
Juan Pablo Grillo
Juan Pablo Grillo 7 dni temu
RiBer Blate vs Flamengo version europea XD
4BEL 7 dni temu
Does anyone what the real song is? Its a banging song btw. Pls Dean.
DANI 8 dni temu
Do Barcelona vs Arsenal please
Intensable 9 dni temu
i cant believe that beckham was the man who my dad had a conversation with?
Joy is a beautiful Lady
Joy is a beautiful Lady 9 dni temu
Istanbul should be the next football flashback
Magdalena Nee-Whang
Magdalena Nee-Whang 10 dni temu
Another 2 sugestions Ronaldinho chip against England and Arsenal vs Barca 2006 ucl final
Zack Poulton
Zack Poulton 10 dni temu
Try not to let them more like let me distract them so mu can win
Esomusa Nene
Esomusa Nene 10 dni temu
Go Beckham baby😂😂😂
Richard Mullan
Richard Mullan 10 dni temu
That is so shit
Alons8 11 dni temu
basically the bad luck of cruz azul
Yxng E.T.
Yxng E.T. 11 dni temu
1:18 old animatio coming back
Abraham Facundo
Abraham Facundo 13 dni temu
In United’s first goal the twister randomly appeared
MaddenVA 13 dni temu
Nick Deakin
Nick Deakin 13 dni temu
Wtf have just watched 😂😂😂😂😂 Brilliant
Sammy Hughes
Sammy Hughes 13 dni temu
Farkas Milán
Farkas Milán 14 dni temu
! Si eso es! ! Es el momento de Fergie!
M4gik 14 dni temu
Champions league final 2005 "Hello, hello, here we go".
potato 14 dni temu
Bayern could've won 3-4 trebles
Gustav Almqvist
Gustav Almqvist 15 dni temu
-Gerrad slip vs chelsea
Yuri Nunes
Yuri Nunes 16 dni temu
Next champions legue 2012 chelsea vs barça revenge for 2009, chelsea vs bayern
Frank Lowrider
Frank Lowrider 16 dni temu
which song is this from?
Benedict Dsouza
Benedict Dsouza 16 dni temu
I love how Dean's brought Hit me Baby so well 🤩
EndingLlama1445 17 dni temu
Do the Barcelona 6 trophy season
ASTRO! 17 dni temu
genuinely the greateds 442oons song ever
anakku ratandra
anakku ratandra 18 dni temu
If you wondering the real song wad baby one more time from Britney Spears
ZACK HLK 18 dni temu
I am a Liverpool fan but this is one of the coolest UCL finals I have ever seen
Muito bom
ASTRO! 18 dni temu
haaland keane hadn't actually happened yet
Reece Kerrick
Reece Kerrick 18 dni temu
Hey 442oons I feel like a good football flashback idea would be van Persies header the Flying Dutchman
Lil Stupid
Lil Stupid 18 dni temu
Why does Gary Neville look so mad
Skimmyツ 19 dni temu
I wish he did a Chelsea 2012 road to the final flashback
Dixie Lad
Dixie Lad 19 dni temu
Ha! Jaap Stam 😂👍 brilliant
Eduardo Ferreira
Eduardo Ferreira 19 dni temu
adam adamiec
adam adamiec 19 dni temu
what is the real song
Marco Reus
Marco Reus 18 dni temu
@adam adamiec I'm jk just saying
adam adamiec
adam adamiec 18 dni temu
@Marco Reus it's not a song
Marco Reus
Marco Reus 18 dni temu
Never gonna give you up rick Astley
Mustafa Omar
Mustafa Omar 19 dni temu
Manchester United
Manchester United 19 dni temu
Manchester United
Manchester United 19 dni temu
Manchester United
Manchester United 19 dni temu
:-( I hate man u
Baby Fazi
Baby Fazi 20 dni temu
442oons football flashbacks Wenger sent off on old Trafford
IgnacioBonaparte 20 dni temu
IgnacioBonaparte 20 dni temu
Do the flashback when Roy Keane kicks Alf inge Harland
Haya Hajat
Haya Hajat 20 dni temu
Quick game
Otavio Alfradique Gomes Guimaraes
Otavio Alfradique Gomes Guimaraes 20 dni temu
1987 champions league final
Šimon Nacko
Šimon Nacko 20 dni temu
Next BARÇA vs PSG 6:1
Lorte-Film DK
Lorte-Film DK 20 dni temu
Football flashbacks Denmark-Spain 1986 so sad that the Best Danish team ever Lost 1-5 plz
Topmiraza- delicia
Topmiraza- delicia 21 dzień temu
2:01 🤣🤣🤣😅
Alex Grant
Alex Grant 21 dzień temu
0:35 wtf??!!
Mohammad Farhan
Mohammad Farhan 21 dzień temu
Uhhhhh Bayern Lost Ha! Ha! Byern
enigma cars
enigma cars 21 dzień temu
1:39 sad becks
Dénes Kisgyura
Dénes Kisgyura 21 dzień temu
2005 champions leugue final
นายวีรวัฒน์ สันติสุขคง
นายวีรวัฒน์ สันติสุขคง 21 dzień temu
Ac milan vs liverpool 2007
Velike Teme
Velike Teme 22 dni temu
Woow dean used to make empty stands tržhere is no fans When you realize there is no covid in 1999
Xinia Rodrigues
Xinia Rodrigues 22 dni temu
Xinia Rodrigues
Xinia Rodrigues 22 dni temu
Ryle Desira Belli
Ryle Desira Belli 22 dni temu
Which song is this ?
enigma cars
enigma cars 22 dni temu
Hit it baby one more time by Britney spears
Magdalena Nee-Whang
Magdalena Nee-Whang 22 dni temu
I want to See leiscer city winni g the league in 2016
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali 23 dni temu
Hey Dean
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali 23 dni temu
Hey Dean
pp24 23 dni temu
Aidan Rubalcava
Aidan Rubalcava 23 dni temu
Do the 1966 World Cup final
Kris Gordon
Kris Gordon 23 dni temu
Idea: 2009 final: Ronaldo vs Messi: This is how legends are made 2006: Messi's first, Wenger missed his shot. 2005: ISTANBUL!!! DENNIS BERGKAMP DENNIS BERGKAMP DENNIS BERGKAMP!!!!
Andrei Damian
Andrei Damian 23 dni temu
How about the 1986 champions league final? It was legendary
Itz Eklippzy
Itz Eklippzy 24 dni temu
Im sorry becks was non goal man in 1999 final
sergio arocha
sergio arocha 24 dni temu
Man please do one Bayern vs Valencia 2001!!!
sergio arocha
sergio arocha 24 dni temu
HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS GOLD!!! I love Schmeichel and Kahn, but I can remember Kahn being better in this game than Peter, it’s crazy how things can change in fútbol
FazeHamsterPlayzz 24 dni temu
1:51 😂😂
Sullivan 24 dni temu
clan HATE
clan HATE 24 dni temu
1986 final ucl pls
YousefSlayer 9164
YousefSlayer 9164 24 dni temu
omarqattan channel
omarqattan channel 25 dni temu
Champion LEAGUE 2006/2007 man utd vs Roma 1st leg and Second leg 7-1
KoolkatCreates 25 dni temu
"Inspiring" -KoolkatCreates 2021
muhammad sarim
muhammad sarim 26 dni temu
Next 2009 Champions league final , Ronaldo vs Messi ,Manthester United vs Barcelona
kViLl Brawl Stars
kViLl Brawl Stars 26 dni temu
Shaydin Palm
Shaydin Palm 26 dni temu
2010 Fifacre world cup final Spain v Dutch land
Ollie Williamson
Ollie Williamson 26 dni temu
Man Utd are the best
therealdoge 26 dni temu
Can You do a 2013 cl final
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